VLT® FC 101 Hvac Drive

VLT FC 101 Hvac Drive

VLT® FC 101 Hvac Drive

A compact and competitive solution for applications with basic needs

Makes your buildings perform

Makes your buildings perform
Danfoss Commitment

Danfoss' longstanding experience in applying drives in HVAC systems has enhanced our ability to design a HVAC Basic drive to the exact needs in simple mass produced applications.

A wealth of knowledge

The various applications incorporated within high performance buildings are well understood by Danfoss and as global market leader we have built a wealth of knowledge and developed products and technology to ensure we meet and shape future trends in HVAC.

Certify your building

Today the prime focus is on overall buildings performance which includes design, construction, efficiency, sustainability and the environmental impact of buildings in the future. Energy efficient products form part of this overall plan. In many countries around the world the evaluation of high performance buildings falls under the banner LEED. Danfoss VLT Drives helps you to reduce the energy consumption in your building and to fulfill the highest standards set by these certification standards.

Save energy and CO2 emission

Energy savings through more than 1.5 million VLT® HVAC Drives installed worldwide are estimated at 285 million MWhrs a year. This equals the annual energy consumption of 60 million households and has an impact on the annual CO₂ emissions – a reduction of 180 million tonnes!

For simple fan and pump applications

User-friendly, distributed intelligence and reduced power consumption are beneficial for fan applications. Basic AHU functions enable the VLT® HVAC Basic Drive to control a wide range of functions. Pump-specific features developed in cooperation with OEMs, contractors and manufacturers around the world.
Fire Override Mode

Fire Override Mode prevents the VLT® HVAC Basic Drive from stopping for self-protecting reasons. In this mode it will continue vital fan operation regardless of control signals, warnings or alarms. Fire Override Mode helps keep fire escape routes free of smoke and ensures secure and continued operation within applications such as stair-well pressurization, car park exhaust fans, smoke exhaust and essential service functions. Fire mode is clearly indicated on the display to prevent any confusion. When set, the drive will override self protection and will continue operation despite the possibility of permanent damage in case of over-heating or overload. The vital goal is to keep the motor running even if it means self-destruction.

Skip frequencies

By pressing a few buttons on the Local Control Panel the drive can be set to avoid frequency bands at which connected fans create resonances in the ventilation system. This reduces vibration, noises and wear on equipment.

Belt Monitoring

The drive can, from the speed/ current, detect when the motor has lost contact to the fan and set off an alarm if the belt is broken.

Flying start

The drive can detect speed and direction of a freely spinning fan or pump and "catch" it at the right speed. This feature prevents violent starts and tear on the equipment.

Sleep Mode

When sleep mode is enabled, the drive automatically detects a no- or low-flow condition and stops the motor. The drive constantly monitors the situation in order to re-start the motor, when the load demand increases. This secures no interrup- tions in the supply, maximises the energy savings, reduces noise and extends the lifetime of the entire system.

The Danfoss EC+ concept

The Danfoss EC+ concept allows PM motors with non IEC or IEC conform dimensions to be used with Danfoss VLT® frequency converters. Danfoss has integrated the necessary control algorithm in the existing VLT® converter series. This means that there are no changes for the operator. After entering the relevant motor data, the user benefits from the high motor efficiency of EC technology.

Advantages of the EC+ concept

  • Free choice of motor technology: PM or asynchronous with the same frequency converter
  • Device installation and operation remain unchanged
  • Manufacturer independence in the choice of all components like fans, motors etc.
  • Superior system efficiency thanks to a combination of individual components with optimum efficiency
  • Retrofitting of existing systems possible
  • Wide range of rated powers for standard and PM motors
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