Flow meter

Flow Meter

Flow meter

Danfoss stainless steel manifolds is a complete manifold program in stainless steel. The manifold can bee used with TWA-K and master controller CF2. The manifold are equiped with flowmeters and 1"-Bal...

We Also supply differnt type of flow meters for Different application.

Type of flow meter

  • Vortex Shedders for Water or Corrosives
  • Vane Style for Lubrication
  • Vane Style for Water
  • Variable Area (Float Style) for Water, DI Water, Corrosives or Compressed Air
  • Laminar Flow Element for Industrial Gasses
  • Thermal for Compressed Air
  • Paddle Wheel
  • Coriolis Mas

Application Cautions for Flowmeters

Each type of flowmeter has its own specific applications and installation constraints. There is no "one size fits all" flowmeter. The way to select the right flowmeter is to use the application as your guide, not the technology. Many of these technologies will all work well on many applications. If you start with the application, you can select the technology you wish to use based on accuracy, cost, durability and reliability, rather than trying to make the technology you chose fit the application you have.

  • Cooling Water
  • Lubricating Oil
  • Compressed Air
  • Industrial Gases
  • Abrasive
  • Clean Gas
  • Clean Oil
  • Water - Clean
  • Corrosive
  • Cryogenic
  • Dirty Gas
  • Water - Dirty
  • Fibrous
  • Saturated Steam
  • Superheated Steam
  • Viscous
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