Temperature switches

Temperature Switches

Temperature switches

The range of temperature switches includes components for general industrial use as well as specialised switches for demanding applications.

Features and Bsenefits

The temperature switches program includes temperature controls for general industrial as well as light industrial applications, controlling air and water. The components are reliable electromechanical controls, based on more than 75 years of experience.

  • A variety of standard controls
  • Highly specialized solutions
  • Simple monitoring functions
  • Critical safety precautions
The versatility for the temperature switches is virtually unlimited and all products are accurate, reliable and built to last.
RT temperature switch is designed to match the majority of land and sea applications – the high performance temperature switch
KP temperature switch provides a compact and cost effective control solution for industrial applications within dry environments (IP33 enclosure).
KPS temperature switch feature a high grade of enclosure and are thus well suited for use in harsh environments. The KPS switches are further more extremely resistant to the effects of shock and vibration
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