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Traverse Unit & Assembly
We are offering ROLLRING make Traverse Unit & Assembly which is the largest as well as the first company to produce Traverse units in India for the last 20 years.

Our product range include 17 models of traverse units and Traverse assemblies tailor made to customer requirement specifications, Spooling machines, Coil winding machine for transformer etc.

Traverse Units are positive drives that convert constant speed rotation of a shaft into a variable speed, variable stroke and reciprocating motion without changing the direction of a shaft rotation. This is a unique technique of converting rotary motion into a linear reciprocating motion based on the Principle of Contact Pressure that is created between a properly dimensioned ring and a shaft assembly enabling a transmission of significant force. The rate of advance of unit on the shaft is directly proportional to an angle of contact between ring and shaft.

We offer these traverse units in two designs:-
Type 1 :-
  • With three rolling rings

Type 2 :-
  • With four rolling rings

Type 1: Traverse unit with three rolling rings :-
  • HT 1 (Shaft Ø15mm)
  • HT 2 (Shaft Ø 15mm)
  • HT 3 (Shaft Ø 20mm)
  • HT 22 (Shaft Ø 22mm)
  • HT 3N (Shaft Ø 30mm)
  • HT 4 (Shaft Ø 40mm)
  • HT 5 (Shaft Ø 50mm)
  • HT 6 (Shaft Ø 60mm)
  • HT 8 (Shaft Ø 80mm)
Type 2: Traverse unit with four rolling rings :-
  • 4RR 15 (Shaft dia 15mm)
  • 4RR 20 (Shaft dia 20mm)
  • 4RR 22 (Shaft dia 22mm)
  • 4RR 30 (Shaft dia 30mm)
  • 4RR 40 (Shaft dia 40mm)
  • 4RR 50 (Shaft dia 50mm)
  • 4RR 60 (Shaft dia 60mm)
  • 4RR 80 (Shaft dia 80mm)
Traverse Units with four Rolling Rings are heavy-duty models. The extra Rolling Ring increases the axial thrust capacity by 100 %.

Traverse Assembly :-

Traverse assembly consists of Traverse Unit, Shaft, side Brackets, Adjustable Reversal End Limits, Steady Rail etc. Suitable Guide Assembly is mounted on the traverse unit.Traverse assembly is manufactured and supplied as per customer requirement of shaft length and accessories.

Application :-
  • Wire and cable industry
  • Textile industries
  • Plastic industries
  • Transformer manufacturing industries
  • Automobile industries
  • Rubber industries
  • Glass-mirror industries
  • Sequential feed positioning drives
  • Paper cardboard industries
  • Surface treatment
  • Linear drives material handling and packaging
  • Tyre manufacture
  • Measuring and testing
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