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Motor & Gear Box >> ELECTRIC MOTOR
We supply different types of electric motors sourced from the most reputed brands in India like Bharat Bijlee, ABB, Rotomotive, etc. Motors are also offered in multispeed, non-standard outputs / voltages/ frequencies & tailor made too.

These motors are available from 63 frame to 355 frame.
ABB has long supported the need for efficiency in motors, and high efficiency products have formed the core of its portfolio for many years.

Today ABB is at the forefront of efforts to reduce global energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by supplying safe, reliable and efficient motors. ABB has a full range of motors in IE2 class; premium efficiency motors in IE3 class; and super premium motors in IE4 class.

ABB offers three different low voltage standard motor ranges, enabling users to select the right motor for each application. Comprehensive ranges of low voltage motors are available, ranging from 71 to 355 frame size
Product Range :- Type Three phase squirrel cage induction motor
  • Enclosure
  • Voltage +/- variation
  • Frequency +/- variation
  • Combined +/- variation
  • Mounting Reference
  • Frame Dimensions
  • Altitude
  • Relative Humidity
  • Degree of Protection
  • Class of Insulation
  • Ambient Temperature
  • Duty
  • Position of terminal box
  • Connection / No. of leads
  • Direction of Rotation
  • Grease Type
  • Greasing arrangement

  • Cooling
  • Paint
  • Totally enclosed fan cooled
  • 415+/- 10%
  • 50Hz +/- 5%
  • 10% ( Absolute Sum)
  • As per IS 4691
  • As per IS 1231 : IS 2223
  • Upto 1000 M
  • Upto 100%
  • IP55
  • Class F
  • 50°C/70°C
  • S1 / Continuous
  • Top at drive end
  • Upto 2HP- STAR / 3 Leads > 2 HP- DELTA / 6 Leads
  • Bi-directional
  • Lithium complex grease
  • Online greasing arrangement for frame
    225 and above
  • IC411 (TEFC)
  • Polyurethane( Shade: Munsell Blue)
Features : EFF1 ( High Energy Efficient Motor )
Motor Division - Energy Efficient Squirrel Cage TEFC Motors

The BBL range of energy efficient motors Type " MH" are from 1.1 Kw ( Frame 90S) to 18.5 Kw ( Frame 160L). Use of these motors can lead to substantial reduction in energy costs. The payback periods are in the order of 3 to 6 months depending upon the usage. Even replacing existing motors with EE motors in power intensive industries gives paybacks within 1 to 2 years.

Salient Features of Energy Efficient motors :-
  • Efficiency higher or equal to I.S. 12615
  • Near uniform efficiency from 50% to 100% of full load.
  • Insulation class F. Temp, rise limited to 70°C over ambient of 50°C
  • Voltage variation: ±10%, Frequency variation: ±5%, Combined Variation: ± 10%
  • Enclosure: IP55
  • Efficiency Class: As per CEMEP / IEEMA standard, motors with higher efficiency levels have efficiency class'eff2' (Improved efficiency) and 'eff1' (High Efficiency). All BBL Standard motors conform to efficiency class 'EFF2'
  • The efficiency of these motors are higher than or equal to the values specified in IEEMA 19-2000. IS 12615 is under revision and the draft standard has the values of efficiency as specified in IEEMA 19-2000
  • The performance of 2 and 4 poles are given. Performance of 6 and 8 poles are available on request
EFF2 (Standard Energy Efficient Motor) >> Salient features of TEFC Standard Motors :-
  • BBL motors can be continuously overloaded by 10% or can be used upto ambient temp. of 55°C. Temperature rises will be as per Class F
  • All motors are with degree of protection IP55
  • All motors upto 160L frame are designed for 50°C ambient
  • 2Z Bearings are std. upto 180L frame which are filled with high temperature grease Suitable upto 140°C on line regreasing provided from 225 Fr onwards
  • SKF or equivalent make bearings are used. These are directly procured from the Bearing manufacturers
  • Terminal boxes are large and can be rotated in steps of 90°
  • T Box location can be changed from RHS to LHS at site by reverse assembly in frame Sizes 90 to 160L
  • Motors are dynamically balanced with half key
  • All foot mounted motors are with integral cast feet
  • Outer bearing covers are integral with end shield / flange giving improved IP55 Protection.
  • V Rings are used in IP55 motors. No reduction in efficiencies as compared to IP44 Motors
  • Additional anti tracking protective coating of air drying varnish is applied on the winding overhangs
  • Cooling fans are of aerodynamic design resulting in low noise and are bi-directional
  • Std. Motors are suitable for mounting with any shaft orientation
Product Range :-
  • Standard motors 0.12 KW (Frame 63) to 132 KW Type `MA' (Frame 315M)
  • Energy Efficient Motors 1.1 KW (Frame 90S) to 18.5 KW Type `MH' (Frame 160L)
Rotomotive motors are built according to international standard regulations; each size throughout the construction forms is calculated with reference to the tables of standard IEC 72-1.

Product Details
  • Frame size – 56 to 132M in Aluminum series,
  • KW - 0.06 KW to 9.3KW.
  • Supply Volts – 230V/415V +/-10%, Delta/Star for motors up to 2.2KW and 415V/720V Delta/Star for motors of rating 3.7KW and above. Please refer to us for other supply voltage and variations.
  • Frequency – 50HZ+/-5%. Please refer to us for other frequencies.
  • Mounting - B3, B5, B3B5, B14.
  • Insulation - Class ‘F’ limited to Class’B’ rise. Class ‘H’ can be offered as optional.
  • Ambient - Minus 20 deg C to 45 deg C. Motors can also be offered for Minus 40 deg C to 50deg C.
  • Efficiency - Exceeds the Eff2 levels mentioned in IS:12615. Eff1 motors under development.
  • Protection - IP 55 as standard. IP56, IP65 can be offered as optional.
  • Dutry - Motors are offered for S1 Duty, continuous rating. For duties other than S1 please refer to us.
  • Humidity - Motors are suitable for operating in conditions of relative humidity between 30% to 95% (without condensation).
  • Altitude – upto 1000M.
  • CE Marking – All motors are with CE Marking.
  • Standards – Referred standards are IS:325(Performance), IS:1231(Dimensions of Foot Mounting), IS:2223(Dimensions of flange Mounting), IS:12615(Efficiency), IS:12065(Noise) and IS:12075(Vibration).
BOX units sizes 25 up to 90 are supplied with long-life synthetic oil and they don’t require any maintenance. The gear unit is equipped with a full set of filler, level and breather plugs, permitting all mounting positions and facilitating the management of the stock. The housing shape has been studied to optimize the water draining during washing. From type 63 and up, 2 taper roller bearings are mounted on the worm shaft, improving the mechanical resistance to the axial loads given by the worm wheel.

Moreover, the combination of this characteristic and 2 nilos (mounted on the unit sizes 75 up to 110 to keep lubrication grease inside the bearings even when they are not touched by the oil bath), permits the mounting of the whole BOX range, from the size 25 to the size 110, in the positions V5 and V6 without any need of additional interventions.

In order to increase silence, efficiency and duration, the worm shaft is made in case hardened steel and ground machined, while the worm wheel is in shell cast bronze.
Before being assembled, the worm wheel is submitted to a running-in working period to improve the surface finishing and hardness. Mating surfaces are machined for a perfect planarity. The new patented “BOX” series of worm gear units is made with die-casting aluminium housing from size 25 up to 90, and in cast iron for the size 110. loads.

The housing has been designed with parametric three-dimensional CAD SW supported by programs of analysis of the thermal dissipation capacity and the structural resistance/deformation under the effect of working loads. A paint coat cancels the negative effects of the aluminium porosity and protects the housing from oxidation patented.

PBL manufactures state-of-the-art Helical Geared Motors, Motor Mount Reducers and Inline Gear Reducers with solid and hollow input shafts. Foot/flange mounted Geared Motors, solid input shaft inline Gear Reducers and Motor Mount Reducers with Hollow Input Shaft are available in the range of 0.4 kw to 11.0 kw and having ratio from 5:1 to 200:1. The units are suitable to accommodate “IEC” frame 3-phase, 4 pole AC induction motors.

Salient Features :-
  • Stylish Design
  • Compact & Light Weight
  • Reduction in mounting dimensions
  • Low noise & vibration
  • Simple to assemble & dismantle

  • Each unit tested under air pressure to ensure leakproofness
  • Factory filled long lasting EP grease as lubricant.

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