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The VLT® Micro Drive is a general purpose drive that can control AC motors up to 22.0 kW. It is a small drive with maximum strength and reliability. RoHS compliant The VLT®Micro Drive is manufactured with respect for the environment, and it complies with the RoHS Directive. The perfect match for: - Industrial appliances - HVAC applications - OEM

Product Range 

1 x 200–240 V AC 0.18–2.2 kW
3 x 200–240 V AC 0.25–3.7 kW
3 x 380–480 V AC 0.37–22.0 kW 

VLT® Micro Drive is a genuine VLT®frequency converter with unsurpassed reliability, user-friendliness, condensed functionality, and extremely easy to commission. Terminal numbers are named in the same manner as in the rest of the VLT® family.
Despite the compact size and the easy commissioning, VLT® Micro Drive can be set up to perform perfectly even in complex application set-ups. 
Approximately 100 parameters can be set to optimize energy efficiency and operation.

Features and benefits
Coated PCB standard 
For harsh environments. 

Real space saving side-by-side 
A compact book style design allows real side by side mounting without derating. 

Minimum penetration of dust 
VLT® Micro Drive is designed to keep the forced ventilation away from the electronics. Printed circuit boards are well protected inside the drive. 

Built-in RFI 
Radio disturbance from motor cables is limited with the built-in RFI filter allowing for 15 m motor cables (screened). Meets EU norms. 

Built-in brake functions
With built in DC and AC brake functions, VLT® Micro Drive can transform kinetic energy in the application into braking power to slow down the motor. A brake chopper is built-in the drives from 1.5 kW upwards. 

Display options
Numerical Local Control Panel;
-Without potentiometer(LCP 11)
-With potentiometer(LCP 12)
LCP Remote mounting kit with 3m cable.

IP21 / NEMA 1 kit.
Decoupling plate kit.
DIN rail mounting kit.


Mains supply (L1, L2, L3): 
Supply voltage
1 x 200–240 V ±10%, 
3 x 200–240 V ±10%
3 x 380–480 V ±10%

Output data (U, V, W): 
Output voltage.
0–100% of supply voltage

Output frequency
0–200 Hz (VVC+ mode), 
0–400 Hz (U/f mode)

Switching on output 

Ramp times
0.05–3600 sec 

Digital inputs: 
Programmable inputs
Voltage level
0–24 V 
Pulse inputs: 
Programmable inputs1*
Voltage level
0–24 V DC (PNP positive logic)
Pulse input frequency
20–5000 Hz
* One of the digital inputs can be used for pulse inputs. 

Analog input 

1 current/1 voltage or current

Voltage level
0 – 10 V (scaleable)

Current level
0/4–20 mA (scaleable)

Analog output 
Programmable analog outputs1
Current range at analog output
0/4–20 mA 

Relay outputs 
Programmable relay outputs
1 (240 VAC, 2 A)
CE, C-tick, UL 

Fieldbus communication
FC Protocol
Modbus RTU

The VLT® 2800 series is among the smallest multi purpose drives in the market. Designed for space saving side by side mounting. Choose to have it with e.g. Motor Coils, RFI filter, LC+1B filters.

The VLT® 2800 is an advanced and versatile drive, easy to operate. The quick menu includes all parameters basically needed for commissioning the drive. Offers fast installation and service.

Product Range

0.55 - 18.5 kW
(3 phase 380 - 480 V ± 10 %; 50/60 Hz)
0.37 - 1.5 kW
(Combined 1 and 3 phase 200 - 240 V ± 10 %; 50/60 Hz)
2.2 - 3.7 kW
(3 phase 200 - 240 V ± 10 %; 50/60 Hz) 

Variable output frequency between 0 and 1000 Hz 

Features and benefits

Product safety
100 % short-circuit proof
100 % earth fault protection
Mains transient protection
Switching on input
Switching on output
Galvanic isolation
Designed according to EN 50178 

Speed compensation precise stop
Better process control
Same stopping distance independent of initial motor speed 

Precise stop
Interrupt controlled stop
Higher process repeatability
Well defined stopping 

Counter stop
Accurate positioning
High frequency input (65 kHz)
24 V incremental encoder input
AB encoder input as option 

Automatic motor tuning 
Perfect match between motor and drive
Measures the stator resistance (RS) Better shaft performance
Measurements done without applying torque
Checks for missing motor phases 

No derating at 45°C
The VLT® 2800 will operate normally (no need for duration) in environment temperatures up to 45°C 24 hour average max. 40°C
Flexible mounting
Horizontal mountingVertical mounting
True side-by-side mounting
No deratingAlso applies to modules
Temperature controlled fan 
Cold plate technology 
Reduced heating in cabinet
Denser installation
Higher enclosure class cabinets
Protection against:
- Dust
- Dirt
- Humidity
Heat dissipates through the back of the drive

ModBus RTU
Metasys N2
Profibus DP, optional 

Fieldbus systems
Profibus DP 3 or 12 Mbit/sUp to 127 nodes per installation

DeviceNet Up to 500 kbit/sUp to 64 nodes per installationHomepage: 

EMC filter and DC coils
Compliance with EMC Standards. Built-in EN 55011 1A filter, 25 m screened cable. 
No EMC disturbance.
EN 55011 1B filter available as module.
IT mains compatible version with RFI filter (up to 4 kW).
VLT 2880-2882 with RFI-switch. 

Braking facilities
DC-braking - approx. 20% braking torque
AC-braking - approx. 20% braking torque
Dynamic braking
- Brake chopper built-in
- 160% braking torque
LCP2 Alpha numeric display, with copy function
MCT10 software

Danfoss VLT® HVAC Drive is dedicated to ventilation, heating, and refrigeration applications. With a wide range of powerful standard and optional features, the VLT® HVAC Drive provides the lowest overall cost of ownership.

Product Range

200-240 V.....1.1 kW - 45 kW
380-480 V.....1.1 kW - 1000kW
525-600 V.....1.1 kW - 90 kW
525-690 V.....11 kW - 1,4 MW

Features and benefits

IP20/chassis, IP21/NEMA 1, IP55/NEMA 12 and IP66/NEMA 4X

Dedicated HVAC features Auto tuning of the PI controllers
With auto tuning of the PI controllers, the drive monitors how the system reacts on corrections made by the drive - and learns from it, so that precise and stable operation is achieved quickly. 

Automatic Energy Optimization
The standard feature AEO provides optimized motor magnetization at all speeds and loads. This increases energy efficiency by 5-15% for partial loads. 

Energy monitoring
The VLT® HVAC Drive provides a complete range of energy consumption information, which helps identify low-efficiency components in the HVAC system. 

PM motor support 
Support for any non salient permanent magnet motor up to 22 kW for better system efficiency. For more information, please see our brochure “EC+ is the smart trend in HVAC Drive Technology” above. 

Automated Resonance Monitoring
The drive can easily be set to avoid frequency bands at which connected fans create resonances in the ventilation system. This reduces installation time and system wear. 

Fan Belt Monitoring
From the relation between current and speed, the VLT® HVAC Drive is able to reliably recognize a broken belt. 

Fire Override Mode
In Fire Override Mode, the VLT® HVAC Drive will not react to control signals, warnings or alarms. It will continue reliable operation as long as possible and run until it is eventually destroyed itself to ensure that fire escapes remain free of smoke

Set point in temperature 
The VLT® HVAC Drive calculates the actual room temperature from the pressure in the cooling media and refines compressor operation accordingly without the need for additional software, sensors or controllers. This feature allows less expensive pressure sensors to be used.

Pipe Fill Mode
Enables controlled (closed loop) filling of pipes. Prevents water hammering, bursting water pipes or blowing off sprinkler heads.  End of Pump Curve detects breaks and leakage
The feature detects breaks and leakage. End of curve triggers an alarm, shuts off the pump, or performs another user defined action.

Dry Pump Protection lowers maintenance costs 
The VLT® HVAC Drive constantly evaluates the condition of the pump, based on internal frequency/power measurements. 

Standard cascade controller
The in-built cascade controller controls up to three pumps with fixed lead pump. 

Motor Alternation
This built-in logic controls alternation between two pumps in duty/stand-by applications. Motion of the stand-by pump prevents sticking of the pump. An internal timer assures equal usage of the pumps.

Flow compensation
The flow compensation feature reduces the pressure set point according to the flow - which saves energy. 

Initial/Final Ramp
The initial ramp provides fast acceleration of pumps to minimum speed, from where the normal ramp takes over. This prevents damage on thrust and bearings. Sensor less Pressure or Flow Control 

The VLT® HVAC Drive can optionally be delivered with the safe stop functionality suitable for category 3 installations according to EN 954-1. This feature prevents the drive from starting unintended.

A wide selection of accessories is available for the VLT® HVAC Drive to suit your needs. For further details see the Operation Instructions. 

Options for bus communication, user programs, etc., are delivered ready for plug and play. 

Display options
Local Control Panel LCP (graphical and numerical)Cable for LCP, 3 m [9.8 ft] Remote-mounting kit for Local Control Panel (LCP) 

Application options
External 24 V supply card

Serial Communication Options
Profibus (MCA 101)
DeviceNet (MCA 104)
BACnet (MCA 109)
Lonworks (MCA 108)
ProfiNET (MCA 120)
EthernetIP (MCA 121)
Modbus TCP (MCA 122)

I/O options
General Purpose I/O (MCB 101) Relay Option (MCB 105)
External 24VDC supply option (MCB-107) 
Analogue I/O w. real time clock backup (MCB 109)
ATEX-PTC Thermistor Card (MCB 112)

Harmonic Filter (AHF 005/010 MCE) Sine-Wave Filters (MCC 101)
dU/dt filter (MCC 102) 

Other accessories
IP21/NEMA1 KitUSB connection cable to PCHarmonic Filter cable to PC

The VLT® AutomationDrive is a single drive concept that covers the entire range of application, which is a major benefit in commissioning, operating and maintaining the equipment.  

The VLT® AutomationDrive series offer an intelligent plug-and-play technology and unmatched reliability making drive operation pure childs play.

Product Range

0.25 - 37 kW (200 - 240 V)
0.37 - 800 kW (380 - 500 V)
0.75 - 75 KW (525 - 600V)
1.1 kW – 1.4 MW (525 - 690V) 

Features and benefits

The drive meets requirements for enclosure class IP 20/Chassis. Optional IP21/NEMA 1, IP55/NEMA 12, IP 54/NEMA12 or IP66 NEMA 4X.

 Smart logic controller
The VLT® AutomationDrive features logic control functions and a sequence control based on events and actions.

The drive is delivered as standard with the Safe Torque Off (Safe Stop) function in compliance with EN ISO 13849-1 Category 3 PL d and SIL 2 according to IEC 61508 low demand and high demand mode. The safety functions can be extended to include SS1, SLS, SMS, SSM, safe jog mode etc. with the VLT Safe Option MCB140 Series and VLT Safe Option MCB150 Series.

Hot pluggable LCP 
The Local Control Panel (LCP) can be plugged in or out during operation. Settings are easily transferred via the control panel from one drive to another or from a PC with set-up software.

 Intelligent heat management 
Cooling can take place in two ways to offer different sets of benefits. Forced convection cooling: A fan blows cold air through the cooling ribs of the aluminium base to remove heat. The channel is easily cleaned without touching electronics. Cold plate cooling: External cooling is possible through the back side of the aluminium base. Panel through mounting: Electronics inside cabinet - power heat sink outside cabinet. Duct cooling: Air from the control room – or from outside – cools the heat sink without contact to the electronics.

For the VLT® AutomationDrive FC 302 a wide selection of accessories is available to suit your needs. For further details see Operation Instruction.

Options for bus communication, synchronisation, user programs, etc., are delivered ready to plug-and-play.

Display options
Graphical Local Control Panel(LCP 102) 
Numerical Local Control Panel (LCP 101) 
LCP Panel Mounting Kit 
Blind Cover
Application option
24V input option for control voltage.

Fieldbus options 
DeviceNet (MCA 104) 
CAN Open (MCA 105) 
EtherNet IP (MCA 121)
Modbus TCP (MCA 122)
EtherCAT (MCA 124)

I/O options 
General Purpose I/O (MCB 101)
Encoder Input (MCB 102) 
Resolver Input (MCB 103) 
Relay Option (MCB 105) 
Safe PLC I/O (MCB 108) 
PTC Thermistor Card (MCB 112)
Ext. Relay Card (MCB 113)
VLT Sensor Input (MCB 114)
Motion control options 
Motion Control (MCO 305) 
Synchronizing Control (MCO 350) 
Positioning Control (MCO 351) 
Center Winder (MCO 352)

Brake Resistors
Brake resistors
Fittings and frames for mounting more resistors together

Power Options
Advanced Harmonic Filter (AHF 005/010 MCE) 
Sine-Wave Filters (MCC 101) 
dU/dt filter (MCC 102) 

Other accessories 
IP21/NEMA 1 Kit 
Profibus Adaptor 
Sub-D9 Connector 
Decoupling Plate for Fieldbus Cables USB Connection cable to PC

The VLT® AutomationDrive FC 360 is a general purpose drive that provides precise and efficient motor control in a wide range of industrial applications. Built-in features help owners save space in ins...

Product Range

0.37 - 75 kW (380 - 480 V)

Features and benefits

The drive meets requirements for enclosure class IP 20/Chassis.

Smart logic controller
The VLT® AutomationDrive features logic control functions and a sequence control based on events and actions.

Hot pluggable LCP
The Local Control Panel (LCP) can be plugged in or out during operation. Settings are easily transferred via the control panel from one drive to another or from a PC with set-up software. 

Efficient heat management
A unique cooling concept ensures that there is no forced air flow over the electronics. This reduces the risk of downtime, while strengthening stability in daily operation. By preventing dust and particles from accumulating on the small internal components and legs, the risk of short circuits is significantly reduced, especially in humid environments.

Coated Printed Circuit Boards
High level 3C3 Printed Circuit Board (PCB) coating as standard provides higher reliability in harsh environments to prevent failures and downtime. The lifetime of the drive is also increased as a result of the IED61721-3-3 conformal coating.
55°C Working Temperature
VLT® AutomationDrive FC 360 is designed to operate at 45-50°C ambient temperature at full load (depending on model) and 55°C with derating. This means there is no need to install extra cooling equipment or oversize the drive,resulting in cost savings.

Easy Cleaning
An easy to remove fan of the drive makes it easy to keep dust from affecting the drive’s ventilation. 

Built-in Brake Chopper
A built-in brake chopper up to 22kW saves money and panel space.

Built-in DC choke
Reduced Harmonics reduces harmonics to less than 43% (ThiD) and significantly extends the lifetime of the DC capacitor.   

PM motor support
Support for non-salient permanent magnet motor up to 22 kW for better system efficiency.

Display accessories 
Graphical Local Control Panel(LCP 102) and the adapter
Numerical Local Control Panel (LCP 21) 
LCP Panel Mounting Kit
Blind Cover

Fieldbus options 

Encoder/Resolver accessories
Encoder Input (MCB 102)
Resolver Input (MCB 103)

Brake Resistors
Brake resistors
Fittings and frames for mounting more resistors together

Other accessories
Decoupling Plate

Using the latest techniques and components, Danfoss Drives has succeeded in developing high power frequency drives that are the smallest, lightest and most efficient in their power range of 90 kW to 1,4 MW. 

The new Danfoss High Power Drives include the VLT®AutomationDrive, VLT® HVAC Drive and VLT® AQUA Drive models.

Features and benefits

Small is not only beautiful, but also very practical

  The new Danfoss High Power Drives offer a number of important advantages:

Features and benefits

  • Dimensions and weights are reduced by an average of 35 percent, making the High Power Drives easy to fit into very small installation spaces

  • Available in IP00, IP21 (NEMA 1) and IP54 (NEMA 12) enclosures 

  • Built-in DC coils for harmonic suppression, RFI filters, mains switch and fuses

  • The smallest complete drives in their power range available today

  • IP00 enclosures suitable for building in a standard Rittal 1800 or 2200 mm cabinet

  • Easy maintenance because all parts are accessible through the front meaning drives can also be installed side-by-side, saving even more space

  • High efficiency (>98%), less cooling energy

  • Innovative Back Channel Cooling concept, keeping 85% of the excess heat out of the drive and the panel or cabinet

  • Pedestal making it possible to place the drive on the floor

  • Offers all the features and benefits of the new generation Danfoss VLT®AutomationDrive, VLT® HVAC Drive and VLT® AQUA Drive

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